Exotic Coach has built and maintained several relationships all over the world. We will only list companies that we’ve met in person and maintain the same high standards as ours. The following limo rental businesses come highly recommended by us.


Crystal Limousine has been in business for over 8 years and counting. They provide limousine, limo and exotic limousine transportation to the greater Grand Rapids, MI area. We’ve been to their location and have built and maintained several vehicles on their fleet. Crystal prides themselves on quality service and vehicles.
Visit there site at CRYSTAL-LIMO.COM


We had the pleasure of meeting a few new friends from the Hotel Pigalle in Italy. They provide limousine, limo and exotic limousine transportation to Italy, Venice and surrounding areas. Their all-inclusive services include exotic limos, hotel accommodations and a ton of pampering. After spending a couple days with them, we quickly realized that quality and customer service was a key element in their business plan. We highly recommend their services.
You can find them at HOTELPIGALLE.IT


excellence limoWhat a blast we had with our friends from Dubai. They truly appreciate the finer things in lives! They provide Dubai limousine, limo and exotic limousine transportation. Their company exclusively provides high-end limo service to their clients and turn to Exotic Coach to support all of their needs. Not only is this a five star organization but the people behind the scenes are magnificent.
You can find them online at EXCELLENCELIMO.COM

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There isn’t enough good things to say about our friends from Philly. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting them on several occasions and look forward to many more. BKG Limousines provides Philadelphia limousine, limo and exotic limousine transportation. They specialize in quality service and prompt timing. Although there is a bitter sports rivalry between Chicago and Philly, we understand their desire to “want” to be as good as us.
You can find them on the web at BKGLIMOUSINE.COM

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Churchill Limousine has been a friend and customer to Exotic Coach for several years now. Churchill has one of the largest fleets of limousines in the entire Midwest. They provide Milwaukee limousine, limo and exotic limousine transportation to the surrounding areas. We have personally been to their facility and have maintained their entire fleet of vehicles. They take pride in their customer service abilities and will be around town for years to come.
You can visit their site at CHURCHILLIMO.COM