Planning a Bachelor Party in Chicago.

Let’s start off that it is never easy. You have to find out…

  • How many guys are going? Guy’s are not limited to just the Wedding Party, they will invite their mechanic, their neighbor just to assure that it’s a

    HUGE party.

  • Out of the guys that are going, who is “allowed” to go to the “Gentleman’s clubs” doesn’t sound so bad when you say that phrase instead of “Hey Were Going to the Strip CLub”. The guys who can’t go either stay behind or don’t meet up till the guys are done with “the Gentleman’s club”
  • Will this be a all day thing, like Golf, Whirly Ball, Baseball game, Sky Diving etc.
  • Do you want to go to one or multiple locations? This will determine how much per person the cost will be for the limousine, and we also need to know if we need to make arrangment’s for you at multiple locations.
  • Never plan on the limo to be completly stocked with booze, Limousine companies are only allowed to offer you a certain amount of complimentary beverage’s otherwise we always suggest you bring your own cooler. I always say bring a styrophone cooler at the end of the night you can just toss it.
  • Always bring cd’s that you can keep the party going without radio commercials or bad reception.
  • Always collect your money up front. Your less likely to have people cancel on you when you have their money,and if they do their spot is already paid for.
  • Make sure everyone is dressed to Impress! Alot of the Chicago Nightclubs will not allow gym shoes, or shirts without collars. Make sure that everyone leaves the shorts and sandals at the Beach. It’s not for nightclubs!

Chicago has the largest selection of Night Out On the town place’s to go. has made alot of contact’s through out the years with venue’s, promoters, bars etc to establish a relationship so that we can offer to our customers -No Line Wait and No Cover Charge to place’s listed on our package site. When you choose the affiliates we will make the arrangements for you and all you have to do is make sure your on time. Some of the Chicago Night Clubs and Gentleman’s clubs average a cost of 10-20 per person just to get in. This does not count parking costs. So just to go to 3 locations (which is our signature Crazy party package) if you were to go and make your own arrangement’s you would be looking at a average of 60 per person in admission cost’s and this does not include parking, and you did not even get a drink. In the limousine you have your complimentary beer, soda and water. Then any othe alcholic beverage’s you bring, and the limousine will pick you up and drop you off in front. No Valet to worry about, or waiting in the cold chicago night.
To start out your event reservation you need a couple simple things.

  • All reservations require a 210 deposit which is deducted from your balance
  • Estimate the amount of passenger’s that you will have, there is a 14 person min you can always upgrade your package and party size.
  • We will ask you for general information and email you all your contract’s, including your package, your deposit, the event date and your passanger size.
  • Your itinerary is not due till the monday before, this will have your final head count, package confirmation
  • Your office staff will contact you the week of to do a final confirmation
  • If you choose our venue’s we make the arrangement’s just make sure everyone has ID’s or no one gets in
  • When the driver arrive’s he will address the contract holder and collect the remaining balance.

For more information or to book your party call us at 888 244 5585

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